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Association for the Sustainable Development of Zemplén
Increasing the number of tourist attractions in Zemplén and Hegyalja, writing tenders
Blanár Róbert +36 30 454 2103
Association of Zsólyomka
Association of the winemakers of Zsólyomka in Sátoraljaújhely
dr. Estók József +36 30 914 4334
Foundation for the Memory of Adam Kosztyu for the Children with Leukemia, Tumors and Disabilities in Zemplén
Camping, and medical treatment support
Magyar Hajni +36 20 996 1457
Moonlight Hungarian-Polish Cultural Association
Cheerleading show on cultural events, village and town days, festivals.
Ujjné Schneider Hedvig +36 30 229 7554
Polyán Association
Production of local products, gene bank for the badger-coloured cattle
Miklósné Molnár Eszter +36 20 397 4743
Youngsters of Zemplén Without Borders Association
Organising cross-border Hungarian relations and meetings
Kánya Tamás +36 70 771 5368
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