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The prophecy of Teitelbaum Moses

The leader of the Hasidic movement in Újhely was revered as a miraculous rabbi in his life, considered as a seer. The news of his cures went far. At the level of legends, the story of the rabbi is also intertwined with the child Lajos Kossuth. According to the legend, Lajos Kossuth also caught one of the terrible diseases of that time, which was called diphtheria, and from which the recovery was almost hopeless. On the advice of an elderly doctor, the mother, against her husband’s will, turned to a Cadik (a True man), who lived not far from their home. The rabbi had already mentioned weeks before that a great man would visit him. So the stunned and ill child was brought to him and the rabbi welcomed with great respect. He brushed the child’s throat with petroleum, and he said a blessing bearing his name. The child was healed and then the mother went for the child with his father. The rabbi told the father that “a great man has been given to the country who will carry the flag of the whole nation on his shoulders.”:

 “You will be like the man who saw the burning lace bush. Your words will cry out, the Lord of the Armies will make you great and give you a long life by the waters of Babel.”

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