Zsólyomka wine cellars

The cellar row of Zsolyomka – which was constructed between the 1200s and 1400s and welcomes visitors both in winter and in summer – can be found in the World Heritage area of Tokaj-Hegyalja, in an about 800 metres distance from the town centre.

The cellars are situated in the valley next to the paths leading up to the chairlift and the lookout on the Magas hill, as well as to the Szár hill, on both sides of the slowly trickling Zsolyomka stream. This beautiful environment is rare in Hungary, and perhaps in the whole world as well. The extremely beautiful natural environment, the fresh air of the forest surrounding the area, the trickling of the stream breaking the silence, and not the least the high quality and special wines that can be tasted in the cellars – furmint, linden leaf, yellow muscatel, the different sorts of szamorodni, and the aszu wines with different number of lugs provide an unforgettable experience to the tourists and the wine-loving visitors as well.

The area can be a starting but also a pleasant destination point for tourists who would like to get to the Hungarian Calvary, the National Flag – which are also unique in Hungary and can be reached from here – and to the chapel, the nearby pilgrimage site as well.

The ski course on the Magas hill and the mid station of the country’s longest chairlift can also be reached on public road from here.

The wine is produced primarily with the method learned from the forefathers in the nearly 30 cellars; the visitors can see it for themselves too, and can also taste the must, the juice of the grape.

It has become a tradition that the Association of the Cellars of “Zsolyomka”, the Local Government and public institutions of Sátoraljaújhely organize the day of the “OPEN CELLARS IN ZSOLYOMKA” before 28 th October – Simon’s/Judas’s day, the beginning of the grape harvest in Tokaj-Hegyalja-, including traditional pig slaughtering and cultural programmes.

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