Ungvár cellars

The monks of the Pauline order had the town’s Ungvári cellar system begun to be built at the end of the 1200s. The 15-30 metres deep cellars form a several kilometres long, complex, multistorey cellar system. These are Hungary’s oldest relics of architecture. We can say only about a few constructions that it has had the same function for 800 years. Its permanent temperature of 8-12°C degrees and 90-95% of relative humidity makes it the ideal fermenting and storing place of the fine Tokaji wines.

The town’s Ungvári cellar system is part of the World Heritage since 2002. There is a more than 10 km long cellar system in the 5 hectares large area below the surface. There are no other settlements in the Hegyalja region, which has such a large network of cellars.

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