Castle of Füzér

3996 Füzér, Petőfi Road 3/A.

The castle, which has been renovated or rather rebuilt and is very divisive among returning tourists, is no longer waiting for visitors in its usual ruined nature, but in the form of a kind of tourist attraction. Its majestic silhouette is a grateful photo theme, as it can be seen from countless venues of Zemplén roaming.

Füzér Castle and its surroundings are one of the seven natural wonders of Hungary. It is one of the oldest stone castles in Hungary, which was proven to have been built before the Tartar invasion.

The Hungarian Royal Crown was also kept here for a year. Like other Hungarian castles, the castle, which boasts an astonishing number of features, was almost completely demolished by the Habsburgs. Although there were no pictures, drawings or written records of the castle that would have allowed the reconstruction, the settlement (Füzér) decided to rebuild it. The renovation is also constant here, so we find something new every year. The relics of the castle excavation can be seen in the castle, but a really entertaining exhibition of the history of the castle can be seen below in the village, in the visitor center. The Castle Days and the Pálinka Festival are the most visited programs in Füzér, but if you are a little more interested, don’t miss the visit to the country house either!

+36 47 540 013
+36 30 820 6388
Location: can be approached on a mountain road


Füzér, Vár u. 20, 3996 Magyarország

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Daily opening hours:

Monday to Sunday: 10:00 to 18:00

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