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Sátoraljaújhely is the former residence of the historical Zemplén county, situated in the world-famous wine-growing region Tokaj-Hegyalja which has significant historical traditions.

The town centre keeps the characteristic Upper Hungary small-town atmosphere. The image of the main square is defined by the Roman Catholic Church, the Kossuth statue and the baroque Town Hall. At the end of the city, in Zemplén Adventure Park you can find the longest chair-lift of the country, the longest winter-summer bob and artificial ski slope in the region.

According to the local tradition Szepsi Laczkó Máté a reformed preacher prepared the first aszú wine in the world from the crop of Oremus brink in Sátoraljaújhely. The temple of wine was built to the memory of this event, designed by Thoroczkay-Wigang Ede in 1911 with the market towns’ blazon of Hegyalja. This is the only city where a church was erected to the wine. Sátoraljaújhely has got famous rows of wine cellars, such as Zsólyomka and Ungvár.

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