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Venison sausage filling festival

3989 Mikóháza

The Historical Cellar Row of Mikóháza is situated in a beautiful environment with a unique atmosphere, a few hundred meters form the village centre. There are 95 cellars in Mikóháza altogether, one third of which is situated on the historical cellar row.

The Roasted Sausage, Chitterlings and Advent Fair, which was renamed “Venison sausage filling festival” in 2015 is organised at this picturesque place every first weekend of December each year. The programme is started with a traditional pig slaughter; those who are interested can watch the pig slaughterer’s work closely. Santa Claus also visits the venue to entertain the little ones every year. Visitors can continuously taste the sauerkraut, the roasted pork pudding and sausage, or even taste or consume high quality pálinka, and can also visit the Pálinka house.

In addition to the pig slaughter a venison sausage filling and a “catcher” pálinka contest are also organised, to which the application of enthusiastic teams is expected every year. (teams of 5 people)

Christmas tree decorations and handicrafts from natural raw materials can also be bought at the Advent Fair.

It is a great opportunity to observe the old winter customs and traditions, and an excellent way of pysching up for the period of short days and long nights.

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