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International venison and fish cooking competition

3980 Sátoraljaújhely-Széphalom

Time: every June

In 2016, the INTERNATIONAL VENISON AND FISH COOKING COMPETITION AND REGIONAL HUNTERS’ DAY was organised the 14th time, and has turned into a two days long series of programmes this year. The main event of the programme, the cooking contest is organised in Széphalom every year, during which acknowledged star chefs judge the specialities of the participants.

Beside the contest there also entertainment programmes, and lots of live concerts waiting for the visitors of the event. Not only foods but also drinks – especially the Hungarian fruit brandy, pálinka – play a significant role, since the producer of the best/tastiest pálinka is also rewarded during the announcement of results. Of course, the focus is on the meals and gastronomic specialities.

The main advantage of the programme is that brings the different teams and circles of friends together. We warmly welcome our visitors and the teams wishing to cook every year!

+36 47 321 727
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