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Zemplén Adventure Park

3980 Sátoraljaújhely, Torzsás street 25.

You can scream at the top of your voice while racing along on Europe’s longest and most exciting Alpine Coaster, like the wind . You can turn around in the snow-tubby, cling and slide on the ropeway. The country’s longest chairlift often allows you to float among the clouds, but you can also discover exciting nature trails and tourist routes.

Zemplén Adventure Park is Hungary’s most exciting park of pleasent experincies.


Adventure elements

Climbing Wall Centre

The climbable surface is 400 m2 altogether. It is the highest indoor climbing wall in Hungary, and one of the highest in Central-Europe. Its indoor height is 18, its outdoor height is 20 metres.

The main viewpoint by setting the degrees of difficulty for the routes that both amateurs and experts would have to be able to find a wall surface suitable to them. Thanks to this we can climb routes beginning from a completely amateur level of about M (moderate) to the extremely severe level of E1, at least 25 to 30 altogether, including the negative ones, and from this point the number of combinations depends only on our creativity.

More than 2000 uniquely designed and manufactured Hungarian T-Rock holds. The wall has been constructed in conformity with international standards of the European Union to the latest detail. Its equipment is of international quality. The climbing routes installed on the wall were developed with the help of mountain and rock climbers, who had several decades of experience in the field.

The safety equipment is provided by the Zemplén Adventure Park because of their obvious liability, and for the sake of safe climbing the climbers are also supervised by a wall master.

In addition to rope climbing there is also an opportunity to use the boulder. Boulder means block of stone. It is climbing without safety equipment at low heights. A task consisting of invented movements completed by freely climbing to a height of 3-4 metres. Climbers who might eventually fall down are protected from injuries by the thick sponges placed on the floor; however, because of the low climbing height climbers can’t hit themselves so hard that it would cause a serious injury.

We have created a Hostel inside the walls of our Wall Climbing Centre, and by opening it we let an old dream of our guests come true, since there was an increasing demand for an accomodation for a reasonable price which is close to the ski course in the winter; on the other side lots of classes on a school trip, companies of friends or family wanted to “settle down” near the bob track during the summer as well.


Extrem slid through ropeway – “Hawk” / Zipline

The 1036 metres distance between the Szár-hill and the Magas-hill can’t only be taken in closed cabins with glass panorama windows. Looking through the panorama windows of the cabin passengers  can see a ropeway running parallel to theirs (this is the “Hawk”), on which people longing for extreme adventures can also use a slid through ropeway to take the almost one and a half km long distance! The slid through ropeway is also unique in our country, and in Europe it is only known in the alpine regions.
From summer 2016 our dear guests can use twoslid through ropeway. “Hawk 2” is parallel to “Hawk”, which makes possible for two people to slide over to the Szár-hill at the same time!

Our adventurous guests can also take their experience home, since an automatic photo device is also connected to the death slide, and the scudding can be recorded by GoPro action cameras.

GoPro action cameras can be rented at the starting station, the photo made upon the arrival can be bought in the station at Szár-hill!


Ropeway with cabin – “Bumblebee”

The ropeway with closed cabins, i.e. the Bumblebee that connecs the Magas and Szár-hills can be used since 12th March 2015, which is a unique construction of its kind in the country.

Two cabins, each of which is capable of transporting 6 people, are in service at a height of 152 metres between the two hills. The ropeway is 1036 metres long, and even disabled people can visit the historical monument, the Hungarian Calvary commemorating the tragedy of Trianon, the Saint Stephen chapel, and the 100th national flag on the Szár-hill with its help.

Tickets include the following services:
– use of the chairlift from the lower or mid station to the lookout ,
– the use of the ropeway with cabins between the Magas-hill and the Szár-hill,
– guests can travel back from the Szár-hill to the Magas-hill using the ropeway with cabins,
– and they can turn back to the starting point by the chairlift (where parking is free of charge!)


BOB track

It’s the country’s and the region’s longest bob track with its length of 2275 metres. The sliding is done by an absolutely secure bobsleigh fixed on four pipes. Every passenger controls the bobsleigh independently, which automatically brakes down at a speed of 37 km/h, which also ensures the safety of sliding. The features, location and beauty of the track provide an unforgettable experience to velocity-enthusiasts.


Ski runs

There already 3 ski runs waiting for those who want to do sports, on the territory of Zemplén Adventure Park. One of these can be used all year, it is the country’s longest and widest plastic ski run. The “NEVEPLAS” casing covering the entire surface of the ski run makes skiing possible even during times without snow.  NEVEPLAST can be regarded as one of the most modern types, since it doesn’t damage the skiing equipment and is totally environment-friendly.


Tubby tracks

No skills are required to use the 3×60 m long, winding “TUBBY” track, both children and adults can whirl and spin through it safely. Before sliding down, a “magic carpet”, i.e. a moving pavement makes getting uphill easier.


Adventure tour courses

In our Adventure Tour Park 4 adventure tour courses with different levels of difficulty are waiting for both visiting children and  adventure-thirsty adults as well. The 100m long “CANOPY” cable railway for sliding and a little 4 dimension climbing wall make the tour just more remarkable at the the end of the course.

The Adventure Tour Park consists of a training course, a course for children (green) and three courses for adults (blue, red and black).  The training and the children’s course are completely separate (they have their own starting and ending point), the adult courses start from and end in one point. The correct use of the tools and the rules to be followed on the adventure tour course are taught by the tour guides on training course. Everyone takes the courses on their own, the tour guide follows the guests on land; he supervises, warns, helps the guests, and saves them in a professional way in case of emergency.

For security reasons children must be above 110 cm to take part in the tours (green course), adult courses can be used by people above 150 cm in height (blue, red and black course). Each course can be completed in 40 to 60 minutes.


Chairlift on the Magas-hill

The town of Sátoraljaújhely can boast the longest chairlift in Hungary, too. The track of chairlift is 1332 metres long, its height above sea level is between 250 and 280 m, and it is capable of transporting nearly 200 passengers at the same time. The main entrance of the Zemplén Adventure Park can be found at the mid station of the chair lift, and at the upper station you can have a fantastic view on Sátoraljaújhely, the capital of Zemplén, and the surrounding environment.


Look-out tower

The lookout on the top of Magas-hill provides us a beautiful panorama towards the hills, the town of Sátoraljaújhely, Hegyalja, Bodrogköz and Slovakia. The Ungvári cellars, the core area of the World Heritage can be reached on foot from here.


artificial ice skating rink

The 1500 meters long rink functions as an artificial ice skating rink so that our guests can use it after the weather has turned cold.


+36 21 345 7070


Sátoraljaújhely, Sátoraljaújhely, Kalandpark, 3980 Magyarország

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Daily opening hours:

Weekdays: 10:00 to 17:00
Weekends and public holidays: 09:00 to 17:00

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