Water tour offers


Shocked by the rush of everyday life? The noise, the city life?
Active sports in nature.
The flora and fauna bordering the rivers and streams are wonderful.
Interrupting the water tour, you can see the sights along the river.
The tour is romantic, adventurous, the company is good.
We can get to know new regions. We can taste special regional food and drinks.
Finding a suitable base in Zemplén, within a radius of 50 km, we can make our holiday varied.
You can row on rivers or floodplains of varying difficulty.
We can supplement it with walking and cycling days.
We can also learn and love this active sport on a weekend.


For starters: the Bodrog

Our slowest and most winding river.
On this trip we can get to know the world’s first closed wine region: the Tokaj foothills.
We can taste the most famous Hungarian wine: Tokaji.
The final destination of our destination is the most famous Hungarian city: Tokaj.

Suggested program:

Departing from Felsőberecki towards Slovakia, we can visit Borsi, 5 km away. The birthplace of Ferenc Rákóczi.
The Bodrog Tourist House and Camping is located in Felsőberecki, right next to the river, where an international water tour, a weekend family-friendly water tour and a water camp for children are also organized.
We can divide the nearly 50 km down the river for several days.
Camping can be found in Sárospatak (37.1 km), Olaszliszka (19.9 km)
There are good camping opportunities in Sárazsadány (28 km), Szegilong (16 km).
The settlements are close to the river.


For advenced: Upper-Tisza

We can row 200 km from Tiszabecs to Tokaj.
The river at Tiszabecs is still fast-flowing, gravelly. Going further, it is rich in curved, golden-yellow sandy beaches.  A place for carefree swimming, sunbathing and relaxation.
The 15-35 km daily sections are recommended for the less trained.
Those who love challenges can choose longer sections. However, this requires even, long-lasting rowing.
In Bodrog, Tisza, the equipment can also be transported on board.


Experienced, with appropriate experience: the Hernád

In the untouched nature, we can paddle on wild water. The gravel riverbed, fallen trees, washed-out shoreline present many excitements and dangers for both hikers and boats. She wishes good practice and harmony from the rowers together and all the members of the group!
It is advisable to transport our package in an accompanying vehicle.
We can go wild camping by the river, but we can also find a suitable dam house and camping.



We choose the hiking route based on the difficulties of the rivers and our preparedness.
We get to know the mooring and recruitment places. Do not camp directly by the water.
Proper equipment and clothing are required. (dry change clothes may also be needed in summer)
Particular attention must be paid to the continuous provision of care in Hernád.
Get to know the rules of water transport, behavior in a boat.
Let us know in advance about the sights of the affected settlements.
Pay attention to the starting point and the journey home from the destination.
Choose the date of the tour accordingly.
Life jackets are mandatory for those unable to swim and under 14 years of age.



It provides a complete service – base camp site, watercraft, transport, supply, tour guide:
– Bodrog Tourist House and Camping, Felsőberecki

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