Imperial eagle nature trail

The “Imperial eagle” trail starts from the village Mikóháza, length: 7.9 km

This nature trail got its name after the magnificent and also specially protected imperial eagle (Aquila heliaca), which inhabits Hungary in the largest numbers within Europe. Its base colour is dark brown. The crown is light brown, and white patches on the shoulders also make identification easier. The strong legs with the long talons and the curved beak, which has a grey tip, are yellow.

The length of its body is 72-83 cm, the wingspan is 2 metres. Males weigh 2.5-4 while their breeding pairs weigh 2.8-4.5 kilograms.

The imperial eagle is a carnivore, preferably hunting various rodents like susliks, hamsters, and field voles, but sometimes also reptiles and smaller birds. It also feeds on carrions in times of hunger. Nowadays, because of a reduction in the suslik population, imperial eagles catch more and more birds, including poultry. Therefore, it is very often the case that farmers poison them in order to protect their animals.

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