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Cycling tour offers

Cycling occupies a special place within active tourism. Sátoraljaújhely is one of the best starting points for cycling tours in the area, be it road, city or mountain biking. Moreover, there are bmx and trial tracks in the city. Now we are just looking at the hiking opportunities.



Our starting station can even be the Zemplén Adventure Park at the end of the city, which I wouldn’t waste time presenting now. When you stop cycling, you can spend days trying out the attractions here. Leaving the lower station of the adventure park, towards Rudabányácska, on a romantic forest road to Károlyfalva, it is worth making a detour to the sea eye of Megyer-hegy. From the village we can go to Sárospatak on the already built bicycle path. On the way there is the Végardó bath, where we can relax our rock hard leg muscles on the hot water thermal beach. In Sárospatak, the Rákóczi Castle with its cannon foundry workshop is an interesting time-consuming program, after which we can cycle back to Sátoraljaújhely on one of the most beautiful bicycle paths in the country. The city is full of attractions, so it is difficult to schedule time. We couldn’t find a better rain program at the Kazinczy Museum’s exhibition “Forest Walkers’ Guide” or at the Prison Museum. If you visit Sátoraljaújhely, the obligatory program is also the Hungarian Calvary, which remembers the Trianon.  It is also worth looking for accommodation in the city, as from here you can cycle around the whole of Zemplén and Bodrog. Even the renovated castle in Borsi (birthplace of Ferenc Rákóczy II) in present-day Slovakia is only 3 km from the border that bisects the city.



On the edge of the Zemplén Mountains, the 13.5 km cycle path between Sátoraljaújhely and Alsómihályi with 4 resting places and 6 information boards is a really easy little hike. Leaving the city north of Sátoraljaújhely, we drive along the bike path towards Széphalom, where there is the Museum of the Hungarian Language. The only problem is that once you visit here, you have a hard time getting rid of it. The next village is Mikóháza, a settlement also called the pearl of Zemplén, from where you can walk on beautiful educational trails, even by bike. I wouldn’t recommend conquering the Black Mountain educational trail by bike, but you can already cycle the Parlagi Sas or Haris educational trails by MTB. Deviating from the bike path, arriving in Alsóregmec (the former property of the Kazinczy family), we turn north, then in the valley of the Ronyva stream we continue towards Felsőregmec. Driving across the border we reach Alsómihályi. If we are lucky, the buffet and water block of the tourist center can increase our comfort. Since the tour is not long, even a hearty lunch can be included in the program, for example back in the Museum Garden Restaurant in Széphalom.



Leaving Mikóháza, we can still go on a built-up bicycle path all the way to Pálháza. If you have enough time in front of Pálháza – turning up the road lined with black pines, you can jump in to walk around the Károlyi castle and park forest in Füzérradvány. At the other end of the village we can roll into the middle of Pálháza, from where we can continue biking in up to three directions. Towards Füzér on the bike path, towards Telkibánya via the wells of Bózsva and King Matthias, or – where we travel – through Kőkapu to Rostallo. Before leaving Pálháza, it is worth checking out the medieval watermill and at the same time buying some fresh baked goods in the miller’s shop. A small forest railway called Bimbó also starts from Pálháza to Rostallo. If the train isn’t full, you can also take your bikes with you, making it more comfortable to accommodate the beautiful view that awaits us in the Kemence Valley, including the Forestry Museum at the second stop. by the way back so we just have to roll, or 6 km. If a small hike is suitable, it is worth climbing the Fern Trail and then having a drink at Kőkapu in the restaurant. Anyway, you can also request accommodation in Rostallón, which is important because the hiking trails lead to charming places from here, most of which can be reached by MTB.


4. FROM Pálháza TO UPPER Hegyköz

Then let’s look at another alternative route from Pálháza and continue on to Hegyköz.  Anyone who makes a detour from Filkeháza to Füzérkajata and / or Pusztafalura and then “climbs” the mountain to the parking lot of the Füzér castle, she is guaranteed not to regret it. A more trained MTB can even target the ticket office. Following our original route, we descend to Füzérkomlós on an extremely steep slope, where we have a good chance at the White Rock Hunting Lodge to take in the most delicious dishes of Hegyköz.

Leaving Füzérkomlós, we reach Hollóháza, which is famous for its porcelain. Here you should definitely go to the porcelain museum, where – if our time allows – we can paint our unique and unrepeatable porcelain masterpiece. Whoever is done can turn his bike around – except for the ascent after Füzérkomlós, he can drive back to Sátoraljaújhely almost without effortlessly. This tour, along with programs, can take an entire day.

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