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Szilágyi Winery
3980 Sátoraljaújhely, Ungvári Cellarline

Our wines combine modern viticulture and traditional Tokaj winemaking. The juice of the grape which ripened in the volcanic soil of our hillsides – after late harvesting and modern technological processing – aged in oak barrels made in Zemplén, on the Ungvári cellar row, which is a part World Heritage. We like to explore new opportunities in winemaking processes so we have managed to produce several curiosity wine, which are very popular with tourists and locals. We can offer our guests wine cellar visits and tasting of award-winning wines in our wine house, where we can serve homemade, cold and hot dishes on request. There are plenty of sights and attractions in the area, so it is definitely worth spending more time here, interposed an evening of wine tasting in the nearly thousand-year-old noble moldy cellars.

Get a lifelong experience with our wines!

László Szilágyi

+36 30 599 1700
+36 20 918 1741
Language skills: Hungarian, English
Location: mountainous, near a notable place(s)


Sátoraljaújhely, Ungvári Pinceköz 12, 3980 Magyarország

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Provider/Service type: Vinery
Meal: On request
Tasting room capacity: 20 person
Payment methods: Cash
Yearly opening hours:

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Daily opening hours:

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