Tiszta Gyümölcs Kft.
3994 Bózsva, Lónyai Street 1025/2 Parcel Number

The Bózsva Pálinka distillery has been operating in the Zemplén Hegyköz since 2011. Both the commercial production of spirits and the distillation for hire belong to our scope of activities. Our ambition is to make the best out of everything, can be seen on every product made in the process of distillation for hire. To this end, we combine traditional elements with modern technology operations in our activities.

For the production of our fruity, juicy spirits, we use only our own fruits, which are extremely rich in flavor and aroma thanks to the special fruit growing capability of Hegyköz. Hygiene and technology discipline play a prominent role during the processing, because we are of the opinion that non made mistakes are the easiest to correct. As a result of the excellent fruits, due careful expertise and modern technology, the Bozsva Premium Pálinka Family has been created, all members of it are not only a pleasure article but a real medicine for the human body, which not only heals but also prevents diseases with great effectiveness.

We wish you good health and hope to see you soon!

+36 30 768 0013
E-mail: tisztagyumolcs@gmail.com
Language skills: Hungarian
Parking, transport: Parking in front of the facility


Bózsva, Vörös Hadsereg út 12, 3994 Magyarország

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Provider/Service type: Distillery
Equipment of facility: Non-smoking
Other services: Selling local products, Pálinka tasting
Payment methods: Cash, Transfer
Yearly opening hours:

from 20 January to 20 December

Daily opening hours:

from 08:00 to 15:00

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