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Adventures actively in Zemplén

Cycling tour offers
The ever-changing surface
The world's masters of arthropods
Masters of the air

Shocked by the rush of everyday life? The noise, the city life?
Active sports in nature.
The flora and fauna bordering the rivers and streams are wonderful.
Interrupting the water tour, you can see the sights along the river.
The tour is romantic, adventurous, the company is good.
We can get to know new regions. We can taste special regional food and drinks.
You can scream at the top of your voice while racing along on Europe’s longest and most exciting Alpine Coaster, like the wind . You can turn around in the snow-tubby, cling and slide on the ropeway. The country’s longest chairlift often allows you to float among the clouds, but you can also discover exciting nature trails and tourist routes.
Zemplén Adventure Park is Hungary's most exciting park of pleasent experincies.
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